Brooklyn Mclinn Interviews Duane Martin

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Mclinn/YouTube

Are you confused about what you want to do in life? Duane Martin said to do what you got to do until you can do what you want to do. He seems to think that some people have a problem with what to do. There are people that are capable of so many things that they are confused. They don’t know which thing to do. Duane asked the question, “What would you do for free?” He likes to let people know that they can’t lose.

I agree with some of the things that Duane has said because I am one of those people that can do a lot of things. However, I’m not confused about what to do. I do everything that I have the ability to do and then some more if I can learn it. There are abilities that we don’t know that we have that God has given to us. Some of us don’t even know what our purpose in life is and what we really should be doing. There is no limit to what you can do if you let God use you.

People are always asking the question, “What would you do for free?” Well, sometimes there is no team when you are doing things for free. You might find that you build up other folks, but you really bounce the ball alone. You stand off to the side line or you sit on the bleachers. You watch other folks success that you brought about. You may find that you plant all the seeds, but you get no prosperity. Nobody is picking you up. Think about that word FREE. You’re giving everything away. You’re all about giving, but you are not the people that you give to. You don’t think like the people that you give to, and sometimes you have to let people go.

Think about the one that gave you the gift to do the things that you are able to do. It’s got to be God, and he puts it in our hearts and minds to give. Little Richard said, “Nobody never gave me nothin’!” But he has been wrong. Nobody but God has been giving him all of the time. Some of us get all the way to the top, but we never look down at all. Some of us have heard Diana Ross sing Reach Out and Touch for many years, but ears have not heard. The question is, “What would you do for God?” We think we do it all on our own, but we don’t. Give God Glory.

As I said before, Duane Martin likes to let people know that they can’t lose. We’ll he’s right. Listen to the interview by Brooklyn Mclinn.