Duane Martin Created a Business and Job

From the Movie Ride or Die https://youtu.be/OP-8YG-x81Y

In the black world, it seems hard and tough, but some of us that are African Americans won’t let that stop us. Most of the time we ask for jobs, but we never look for business. There are a lot of us that were not taught to create our own. Some of us know, and even then, it’s not always easy. Duane has a lounge, and seems to have some good knowledge.

Sometimes I wonder can Duane Martin really see himself. He has a Hollywood of his own recognizing new talent. Duane could change some things and become a threat to Hollywood’s industry. He has a restaurant in it, and could do a whole lot more. If Duane is not rich, he’s sitting on a gold mine. If he can do business well and keep a good head on his shoulder, he can go very far in life.