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Franklin Davis Leaving Dani Wright and The Misters

Dani Wright Misters/YouTube

It was sad seeing Franklin Davis pronounce on Twitter that he was leaving Dani Wright and The Misters. I really enjoyed hearing the group, and I’ll always remember them. I do not know the reason why Franklin left them. They were a talented and beautiful group. I’m going to miss hearing them sing together. I have seen the group in videos singing at Xen Lounge. Dani Wright and The Misters had great harmony in singing. I do not see why they cannot perform together at Xen Lounge every once and a while.

The bad thing about having a group is sooner or later everybody breaks up. Somebody will want to go solo or the group just can’t get along. There is always a reason. Sometimes groups reunite after splitting, but when that happens, there is a new face or one of the members is always missing from the group. There have been groups that have been known to stay together for a long time like Kool and the Gang and Earth, Wind, and Fire. I’m hoping Franklin will decide to return to Dani Wright and The Misters. Great groups should never split up.