Jada Wanted People to Know the Truth About Her Relationship in the Tupac Biopic

Photo Credit: HollywoodToday

You know how movie makers are. When it comes to a biopic, they never tell the straight truth. All they care about is entertaining. Sometimes movie makers can really mess a person’s life story up and the people that were involved in their lives by not sticking with the truth. If a filmmaker can’t make a movie enjoyable based on the truth and stick with that truth, he is false.

Hopefully, the biopic All Eyez on Me ( Tupac Biopic) was not that bad. Hopefully there was truth in the movie for the most part about Tupac. Movie makers always have to put a twist in the movie somewhere and add some fantasy. That’s what they did to the Tupac Biopic when they showed Jada and Tupac played by Kat Graham and Demetrius Shipp Jr. It was one of the main parts of the biopic about Tupac’s life. They did not stick with the truth in it’s entirety. According to Jada Pinkett Smith, her relationship with Tupac in the movie was not true. It is very important to Jada that the people know the truth. It is important to tell the truth about someone’s life or else you are leading the world to believe a lie. So it is important to the people too. People will believe anything. They will believe a lie before they believe the truth. Especially those that do not know the truth.