Spending Time with Your Child

Photo Credit: Tisha Campbell/Instagram

Duane Martin is spending time with his son Ezekiel. There are so many fathers that do not spend time with their children. Fathers are needed so the children can grow right, and the same thing applies to the mother. When you do see fathers that care, it’s a wonderful sight to see. Most of the time I see the children with their mothers. They grow up giving credit to their moms in sports, school, and whatever they grow up to become. The children are always stuck with their moms. Out of the mouths of some famous ball players, most of the time, I hear the word mom. Children need mom and dad. It is important for both parents to spend time with their child.

Ezekiel likes trains. He reminds me of my uncle who lived in Massachusetts. He had a big train room. My uncle loved trains too and wanted his trains to be given to my brother. When I saw this video, it brought back old memories.