The Enemy Attacks the Gifted

Everyone is offered the divine gift of God’s love. The enemy tells us to try things that look harmless, and he will tell us that we will not surely die. He told Eve the same thing (Genesis 3:4). The enemy will seduce us into destruction, despair, and finally death. He seems to succeed through drugs and alcohol. The enemy likes to disfigure our bodies and change beauty into ugliness. It seems the more gifted a person is, the more the forces of evil attack.

There are a lot of stars that I have seen fall. They all seem to have died from accidents, suicide, depression, drugs, and violence. Whether you are on the enemy’s side or not, he wants to destroy you. It doesn’t matter if you represent him or not. The enemy (Satan) does not want anyone to look better than him. He doesn’t want you to have a career. He doesn’t want you to be a singer or a musician. The enemy is nobody’s friend. He has lost everything good turning against God, and he wants you to be destroyed in the end along with him. The enemy lost his beauty and lost his place in heaven when he turned against God. Everything that you have today, he wants you to loose it.

If you are about to have a career and reach your goals, remember that God has given it to you and how wonderful your gift is. Never forget that you are the child of the most high and never forget God. Don’t let the enemy fool you.