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Duane Martin — The Business Man

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Duane Martin is someone that I do not see in the news that often. We often hear about famous guys like P Diddy and Dr. Dre when it comes to business and career. However, Duane Martin is a business man too. Duane owns a restaurant, and it is said that he is a real estate agent. He is an actor, comedian, an accomplished writer, and producer.


Duane Martin is an actor, comedian, and a whole lot more. He is a business man. According to Duane’s bio, he has a career that expands beyond Hollywood. There is probably a whole lot more that he could do if he wanted to.

There are people like Duane Martin that own businesses, and some of them will tell you that it is hard work. Considering Xen Lounge hours of operation, the hours look pretty long. At least Duane can be his own boss and work whenever he wants to for his own business.

Duane owning a business is saying a lot about him. It shows that he has determination, that he has skills, and it shows that he has knowledge.

At Xen Lounge, I see a lot of talented people singing and performing. The actor and comedian who has talent and experience in show business could probably create employment and opportunity for others. While Duane is doing business at his lounge, he gets a chance to meet new people.

Actor Duane Martin seems to be a very lucky man. That does not mean that he doesn’t have stress and downfalls in life sometimes. It looks as if Duane enjoys his business, and it seems to have a lot to do with what he loves doing.

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