Xen Lounge - Open Mic Night


There is a live show at Xen Lounge, and it’s open mic night. It is energy like you have never seen and heard before. I have no doubts about the lounge show potential. In my eyes, Xen is a symbol of opportunity, and in my ears, I hear nothing but great talent. Its so eye-opening, and its so amazing.The people never hold on to their seats, and the show is dynamite complete.

Xen Lounge had an open mic night one Thursday. There was a young lady named Lakeisha Michelle that was singing Beyonce’s song Crazy in Love. So to find out for sure when the open mic night show will be, go to Xen Lounge.com. If you think you’ve got what it takes to perform like Lakeisha Michelle, contact Xen Lounge. You better believe there will be cheers from the crowd. You will hear that soulful explosive sound.

I’m Gail Nobles, and I’m sounding off for now.

Words by: Gail Nobles
Music by: The Passion HiFi