Angels in America. Part 2.

Lyttleton Theatre, NT, April 27, 2017

This fabulous cast…


The emotional honesty, the searing heart-break, the black humour, the brilliance of this production shines from it’s every pore.

The direction is flawless and in Part 2 we move from the contained boxes of Part 1 to the full stage. Is this a reference that AIDs is now no longer contained?

Even the people who move the sets between scenes are brilliant, stealthily making their way across the stage to continue the play’s progress. For me they cleverly represented the disease silently moving across the City. It was a little creepy, hugely effective and quite brilliant.

And THAT CAST. Everyone magnificent. Everyone at the top of their game. Special shout out to Nathan Stewart-Jarrett who plays the nurse. He brought warmth, humour and kindness to his friends and even to an angry, antagonistic dying Roy. One to watch.

I predicted a fall for the proud Roy and Nathan Lane brought such emotion and poignancy to an incredibly unlikeable character. All his scenes were done from the hospital bed and yet he filled the stage.

Garfield again magnificently raw and honest. Mcardle deepening my new actor crush even more. Tovey giving the performance of a lifetime making my heart break for poor mixed up Joe and Gough bringing humour and humanity to Harper’s despair.

And the Angel. Wow. 6 people bring it to life with its enormous wings and Amanda Lawrence at its heart. It’s magnificent.

I felt every single emotion through this mammoth 4 hrs 15. It felt like time passed so quickly. I was completely absorbed. I didn’t want it to end. The message I took away. Be true to yourself, be kind, be safe, be with those you love and who love you back because at any point, at any time, everything can be taken away.

One gripe – the ending was a little loose but frankly at 4hrs 15 the team deserve a medal. But it felt like a collaborative call to action and I liked that.

100/5 Best thing I’ve ever seen.