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Straight Line Crazy

March 17, 2022. The Bridge Theatre.

Back at the Bridge for new work from David Hare.

The man is prolific. And teaming Fiennes, Hare and Hytner again is a guarentee to pack out the newly full capacity Bridge.

Fiennes is magnificent. He never fails to deliver. And the rest of the cast are excellent with a stand out performance from Danny Webb.

At half time I wondered why this play? Why the story of Robert Moses, the unelected official in the planning department who wielded power and shaped the infrastructure of NY state.

And then it struck me. This is HS2. This is the oil industry. This is stale white men against Greta. This is the human condition: the tension between progress and community, bigger and faster vs care and kindness. This is now.

The intransigence of Robert Moses makes the audience laugh but is it funny that he refuses to compromise to save an orchard or create public transport access for the masses? Or is it tragic?

The first half is a little too long and could use a trim but the second half whips by and is incredibly powerful. The political statements we expect from Hare are there to see. If you want to see them.

Shout out for the set design too which evoked architectural design and simplicity and was very pleasing to look at.

4/5 Vintage Hare. Vintage Fiennes.



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