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Love Detox

Open Letter to my Ex-Boyfriend

I wish I could say that I was completely shocked and confused at how shitty your behavior over the last few days has been, but unfortunately this hasn’t been our first rodeo and I’ve become nauseatingly familiar and aware of how completely passive aggressive you can become at times when your ego is bruised. Whereas I feel that in these moments, you act out in such ways in a sort of power play with the ultimate goal to either one-up the hurt you feel was inflicted on you or simply because you lack the ability to express yourself in a healthy way and don’t know how else to process the feelings.

Whatever the case is, I ultimately had the last laugh here because when you invited all your friends over to your apartment for a 4th of July pool soirée and again neglected to include me in the plans with an invitation, I really was not bothered. I wasn’t inconvenienced the following day either when you were going to pick me up and drive me through the COVID-19 drive through testing site so I could get the official documentation I needed to return to work after being denied the first time when I showed up in my dilapidated old Town Car with windows that wouldn’t roll up all the way causing me to be denied testing that day. On the contrary, these moments and intentional choices you made to spite me in my time of need finally gave me the clarity and provided me that final opportunity I needed to see you for who you really are deep down: a petty, spiteful and angry little boy who has to have the last laugh and hurt others instead of expressing his feelings and frustration.

Unfortunately, this last laugh is mine because I’m a resourceful bitch and got the test done successfully in my own car thanks to some shipping tape holding the windows in place and I’m finally able to see that what I thought we had was love was nothing but a construct of a fantasy i had been living for far too long and no one that loves someone would treat their partner in such ways, regardless of how butt hurt they may be about something.

It is I who am able to see that the more time i stay with you, the more time I’ll waste of my own life closed off to a happy existence either on my own or with someone else. I need to thank you for doing what you did because it really was the kindest thing you could ever do for me in providing me with the out I needed to pack my shit and get to stepping. I don’t deserve that kind of treatment and will not tolerate it from anyone ever again. You did me a solid. Thanks for that bruh. ❤️



Not every love story has a happy ending; in fact, they usually end in epic disasters and emotional wrecks that take years to clean up, if they ever get cleaned up at all. These are those stories, shared in hopes that someone, somewhere doesn’t make the same mistakes we made.

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