For Root Chakra Day, I Cleaned the Floor and Slept on it Too

The things a silly transgender girl does to keep herself entertained

Phoenix Huber
Jan 21 · 8 min read
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If you’re new and wondering what the bleep you just clicked on, welcome to my 7-day chakra play experiment!

No, I’m not a life coach soliciting you to sign up for my something-or-other for only $599.99. (I tried to be a life coach once and failed miserably.) Now I’m just a goofy, playful trans girl who shares my self-growth in a public diary. You can take from this whatever you wish.

Chakras are joyful. They give me an imaginative way to connect with each part of my body and to look after my holistic health. For the week starting on January 18th, I wanted to stay more aware of my chakras. See what we could accomplish.

I’ve been imperfect at it, but experiences have been fun so far. Here’s what happened on Day 1.

Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary peeps, may I introduce you to my Root Chakra!

I devoted Day 1 to the Root Chakra. This energy center is supposed to be about feeling secure in the world. When your basic needs are met with plenty, the Root Chakra is open — and probably playing the trombone too.

It’s the base of your spine, the tailbone area. I guess I think of the Root Chakra as extending down through my legs. The color red, and the element of earth, are associated with it. Fact-check me and correct me if I’m wrong.

Early in the day, I had the idea to get a red piece of paper and fold 3x. I kept it in my pocket all day along with a (darker) red pen. That way, I could write down everything cool I did, any Root Chakra themed progress.

Yes! This felt good. I wouldn’t have to worry I’d forget my successes. Jotting them down is a motivational break, too. I was excited to tell my diary that I was oh so smart and thought of this. Because I am a loser like that.

I dressed up in a regal-looking red blouse with intricate sleeves. With brown trousers, and my hair in a high pony, I was glad that I picked an outfit that felt right for Root Chakra Day!

Although I forgot to put on my red clown nose. Goes perfectly with my personality.

The chakras aren’t just about you — make these energy centers an interconnected game!

So far, you might be thinking I’m a self-absorbed looney toon. Agreed. However, I do care about people (and animals). I thought about how I could support not only my own Root Chakra, but that of others.

First, I cleaned. Because honestly, if this house were all mine (mwahaha), it would probably be a shitshow. Only the presence of family members could motivate me to keep it lovely!

After a while, I managed to vacuum and mop everything.

Home means a lot to the people who live here. My parents are inspirational how they decorate and spruce up not only their own home, but gift Mama’s handmade art to others. I always think, If they can do all this, surely I can unload the dishwasher!

Another conscientious way I celebrated Root energy today? I tried to be sensitive to others’ need to feel secure by texting them back.

It’s the Golden Rule. Every time I get a message from someone, a part of me thinks, Ahh, good, they still like me. I am safe. I am not about to be abandoned in the wilderness.


I figure most of the people I know have some form of that same anxiety. It brings me meaning to help manage all our anxieties at the same time. By being responsive, attentive, and affectionate whenever I can. ❤

There was a moment today when I got critiqued by a family member. I had said I would mop “soon.” I had said that, like, 3 days ago. So they wanted me to hop to it.

I was able to just stare at the ground for several seconds, allowing my oversensitive butt to process.

Although I always want to be defensive and throw mashed plantains at anyone who dares slight me, I was chill. I said nothing, but I went downstairs to make a list. A list of reminders for how to be a good member of the house — our shared roots.

Starting with only promising I’ll mop when I’m really committing to doing so in the next 24 hours!

And before I made that list of reminders, I texted saying I would be back in 10 minutes to finish cleaning. Yes, good intrafamilial communication! What has gotten into me?

Freaky Root Chakra coincidences were waiting for me at breakfast

I had breakfast and dinner at the table with my family. So that was grounding. First was a fruit smoothie (I ran out of greens); for dinner, I had sweet potatoes! Yes, I am kind of a “raw till 4” person I suppose.

When I showed up for breakfast, 2 freakish synchronicities were waiting for me. What is a synchronicity, you ask? A synchronicity is basically an unlikely or funny coinkydink. Except the word implies that the event has symbolic meaning.

Like, say it’s Root Chakra Day. You go upstairs to eat and suddenly there is a circular red placemat in the place where you usually eat. Even though there’s never been one there before. Your parents explain that they couldn’t find the usual placemats. That’s why they got out this super ancient one that hasn’t seen the light of day in years.

But it’s freaky because it’s a red circle! You’ve chosen this day to celebrate a red “wheel of energy” called your Root Chakra. What a coincidence.

If life were a dream, this is exactly what you would expect to happen…

I notice synchronicity more when I’ve been meditating, or taking brave action in life. Last year, I got a coinkydink right after I submitted a pitch to a publication I was scared of but wanted to be a part of. I always take such occurrences as a wink from the universe that I am on the right track!

Hmm, how do I describe this without making you think I am as kooky as a ghost-shaped cookie?

Meh, probably just my reticular activating system. Will research later. It’s fun to pretend the universe is communicating with us though. Check out Steve Pavlina’s “subjective reality” if you are a freak like me.

The second synchronicity was freaking pasta. I had just seen a photo on facebook of someone’s dish with thick pasta noodles. I forget what that type of pasta is called. But when I got upstairs, I noticed my dad was eating the exact same pasta! Which I don’t remember having seen him eat before.

Binch, I thought we were German, not Italian. Just kidding. Pasta is for everybody.

I fed my passion for mindful eating. Also, purple sweet potatoes are the bomb!

As I continued drinking my big breakfast smoothie, I paced around reading articles. I read this one by Karina Klaus on mindful eating. I loved the tip about putting down your spoon between bites. (Or smoothie cup between slurps?) Then you’re actually focused on the current mouthful and not just preparing for the next!

Eating is said to be one of the associations with the Root Chakra. Makes sense, since much of my mindless eating has been rooted in feeling, well, not rooted. I cling to food for comfort in a way that is desperate/clawing. Instead, I can gently, patiently let the food nourish. I am eating slower lately so that is a start!

I kept reading about mindful eating. I reflected on my own experiences, and shared ideas about how mindfulness relates to food justice. Which felt very incomplete; there are so many other connections to be explored there.

But I did write about the vegan connection. It’s easier to be mindful if I feel less guilty about how the food was gotten, right? (FYI: I am secretly radical AF. I have protested multiple times outside slaughterhouses.)

Since I had multitasked that smoothie breakfast, for dinner I focused everything on the sweet potatoes!

Favorite things I recall about the meal:

  • The strings you sometimes get inside the sweet potatoes. Bleh, gross. I’m just impressed with myself for being mindful enough to complain, ha.
  • The variation in taste between each tuber.
  • I smelled. No, I’m not saying I had B.O.! Well, that too. But I sniffed the sweet potatoes and they smelled bodacious.
  • They were cold from having been in the fridge.
  • When I finished the batch of orange-fleshed ones I was eating, I opened up a foil wrap to eat another batch… surprise, they were PURPLE sweet potatoes! Hooray! How could I forget?

I cannot tell you how much pleasure those purple sweet potatoes brought me! Monitoring my decreasing hunger, I maybe ate to 8/10 fullness. I left exactly 8 purple sweet potatoes to be eaten later.

It’s exciting to actually remember that much about a meal 27 hours later. (Yes, I am even a procrastinator when it comes to writing in my dairy.)

Unfortunately, I stayed up late finishing my article about mindfulness and food justice. Very late. Bad Dobby.

My late night and article slowness didn’t fit the Root Chakra “be grounded theme.” I also failed to take a walk or go outside today. It’s okay. I still can look at all of the above reports and think, Yes, I made real progress today.

Towards mindful eating. Towards a magical life that flows with synchronicity. Towards cleaning the house and communicating, so my loved ones feel a little more safe and at home every time.

Here’s to 6 more amazing days like this.

Getting low to the ground more feels great — and tonight, I did it all night

One last thing. I slept on the floor.

I used to for YEARS, in college. I was too lazy to get a bed frame, so I only had a mattress. Then the mattress got gross and I only had the floor itself. Which, fortunately, was carpet. LOL. It did feel good to be closer to the earth as I slept.

In a way, laying down on soft carpet, I feel more supported. Not less. The memory foam mattress I usually sleep on feels unstable sorta; it sinks/moves as I toss & turn. I dunno… beds and floors are each divine in their own right!

Sleeping on the floor again even triggers a pleasant childhood memory. 7 years old, we had a slumber party at our elementary school. Yes, the entire first grade had an at-school sleepover and it was unforgettable!

Technically, it is an eco-friendly habit too. Less bedding to produce. Qué chevere. (That was me trying to be cool by saying, “How cool” in Spanish.)

Maybe you too are a chakra enthusiast, a playful person, gender-expansive, or we have something else in common.

Or maybe I might as well be an alien from the planet Moldar. (Anyone remember Math Blaster? That jerk Gelator was a threat to Root Chakras across the galaxy!)

Wherever you are in time and space, I wish you a gorgeous day. May you feel connected to the earth, to your loved ones, and to yourself.

Love Everyone

Practice loving-kindness with your clumsy friend Phoenix.

Phoenix Huber

Written by

I am an effusive Pollyanna and vegan trans woman. My passion is to be kind to all kinds.

Love Everyone

The compassion diary of a recovering worrier. I reflect on my day and read about the world in hopes of loving everyone — in thought and in action. Here’s to all beings’ happiness!

Phoenix Huber

Written by

I am an effusive Pollyanna and vegan trans woman. My passion is to be kind to all kinds.

Love Everyone

The compassion diary of a recovering worrier. I reflect on my day and read about the world in hopes of loving everyone — in thought and in action. Here’s to all beings’ happiness!

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