Tanya Maurya
May 25, 2019 · 1 min read
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Love is All You Need!





Others may think of God as they read,

For us it’s love,

Because Love is all you need.

Remember how mom’s touch made you forget pains as a kid,

Or how nothing seemed to lift your mood as a hug from your best friend did.

There is nothing in this world Love can’t heal,

Heartbreaks, Pain, or a failed deal.

Mental agony, or one caused by your physical deeds,

To overcome it all, Love is all you need!

Don’t think we have lost it,

When we tell you Love Heals Cancer too,

We have watched it happen, for old and new!

So, love a bit more,

Worry a bit less,

Help a wrecked ship reach shore,

Hug someone’s awful mess!

Let us help you with your journey,

And be a part of ours too,

We mean it when we say Love Heals Cancer too!

Love Heals Cancer | ZenOnco.io

Because no one should be alone when they have cancer

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