Love Always Wins

Stop politicizing marriage.

With support for equal marriage rights growing daily and the Defense of Marriage Act now overturned, America is powering a dichotomy separating political issues from human issues. This isn’t a new concept. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence promised “all men are created equal,” and “endowed with certain unalienable Rights (…) Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Americans don’t want the government to tell them who they can love. Still, the sentiments of those against the current Marriage Rights movement echo the same stale and empty resistance of the past. Today, same sex marriage is legal in 13 states and five Native American tribes. (Interracial marriage has been legal in all of the U.S. States for less than 50 years; following a 1967 Supreme Court ruling that declared anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional.)

The Conservative movement is losing relevance by continuing to put laws on love and by defending fear of change with claims of sin that cannot be proven from the new testament. Republicans of the past prided themselves in less government, more decisions at a state-level and keeping politics out of the bedroom. The new Republican party is becoming irrelevant because they are going against all of those things.

Supporting love and liberty shouldn’t be an issue for conservatives who have always wanted to keep the government out of their homes and personal lives; still it’s an anchor point of the new Republic movement that’s causing the ship to sink.

When DOMA was declared unconstitutional, Rush Limbaugh who had previously said same-sex marriage rights were “inevitable” boomed that the court had contributed to the “disintegration of the United States”. Mr. Limbaugh spoke of the traditional America we are losing and it made a beautifully ironic and painfully telling metaphor for the Republican movement. The traditional prejudices and divisions of the past cannot survive in the new America and neither can the Right Wing approach.

In many ways, the United States is becoming another country. One that goes back to the liberties our founding fathers started on, only without the crippling ignorance and misconceptions that re-purposed and reserved personal liberties for white American men. As an Independent I like having choices: two strong, popular parties to bring new solutions and ideas to the table.

If the new America is going to have two strong parties in 2020, then restrictions on love and personal liberties need to be removed from the dialogue and bible verses can no longer be mistaken for reasoned arguments. The Republican party depends on it.

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