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Awake! Men!

Awake, Men.

We have been asleep for far too long. We have hidden behind flights of fancy. Behind our video games, guns, and cars. We have eaten the poison for what it means to “be a man” by corporations. We get upset over razor blade commercials when our mothers, sisters, wives, lovers are calling out for help. We ignore their pleas. We don’t believe them because we are asleep!

Awake! Men.

Some of us feel empty. The world is changing. Our roles have changed. The system is crumbling. We have coasted for too long on the coat tails of our grandfathers and fathers. They have bent you into a shape of their ideal vision. Stretch! Come undone. Follow your true heart and leave the past behind!

Awake Men!

Stretch out your hand for your brothers. Do not be afraid of what color hand reaches for yours. Teach one another. Shape the world into a color blind version of what it is today. Learn, educate, empower. Do not shy away from opening your mind.

Awake! Men!

What does fatherhood mean? What does it mean to you? Question this. You do not have to make children to be a father. Many of our brothers and sisters are in need a father. Be the role model that is so needed. Be their father. Be our father.

Awake: Men.

Who has the authority to say what is the perfect family? Why must it be one man, one woman, two children, and one car?

One size does not fit all. Love defines a family. It is you that helps define what a family means. Not others.

Awake; Men.

Do you not hear the cries of your Mother Earth? You plunder her forests, destroy her oceans, and pollute her lungs. She needs us to defend her. She is our Queen and the giver of all life. Be the Warrior that she needs. Rise against the conveniences that are killing her. Protect your Queen!



Arise Warrior.

The time is now. Wake up and be the Warrior. Lift your sisters and brothers up. Stand with the downtrodden. Arm yourself with compassion, humility, and strength. Arise Warrior! I say, Arise!

Arise Warrior.

Fight for your Spirit. Do not let the wounds of old fester! Wounded by false ideas. False constraints. False ways of living. Give yourself the antidote! Train your body. Train your mind. Harden your Spirit. Protect your Spirit.

Let your Spirit shine!

Let it shine the way forward! Blaze a new path, let your light shine the way for others!

Arise Spirit Warrior!


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The driving things in life are love and time. Love may rise and fall, but it can be renewed. Time is not renewable but all powerful when combined with love. Writers welcome, see Readme.txt

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