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I did a drug, once, 
and it made the tiniest 
 thread plink out of my pristine identity.
Curious, I pulled and tugged, just a bit further, 
the well-constructed, but very dull, string 
to see what I would find. Though it took
a bit, eventually, the string’s superficial 
structure collapsed, and fell, revealing 
 the strangest, yet most familiar, little boy
looking back at me in the mirror. He was 
bright, psychedelic, in total awe of life. He was 
 and I was me, again.

Like becoming lucid in a dream, 
I saw a whole new world that’d 
hidden beyond the ancient planes, 
far from anywhere 
near my view. I progressed with new clarity, 
ear to my heart, chasing life’s wonders 
and eternal peace, until,
by happenstance,
I found my soul wandering into
perfectly odd, (mostly) tranquil paradise.

The man, peering back in the mirror, now,
is still me, 
but growing, and grooving NEW me—
 DANG bro, you’re pretty cool.

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Muñoz

ig: loverboyinspace.poetry

Last revised: 13 June 2021 9:06pm

Day 4: Journey of undoing, being and becoming

Thank you again for tagging me, Denise G , and Diana C. for creating the 30-day challenge!



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Lover Boy in Space

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Muñoz. A spaced out astronaut who paints with poetry. Welcome to my world and thanks for reading. Follow me on TikTok | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify