View of the Smokies near Tennessee/North Carolina border on Newfound Gap Road.

How Three National Parks Stole My Heart

Maja Holmquist is a student at the University of Montana and a wildlife research associate at the National Wildlife Federation.

Not an afterthought, Grand Teton is bold and humbling

View of the Tetons from Antelope Flats Road.

Isle Royale Is So Wild

View of Lake Superior facing Isle Royale from Minnesota.
View from Isle Royale’s Hugginin Cove Trail.



A collection of good news stories about the public lands we cherish, the memories they hold, and with a special emphasis on places that have received money from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

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National Wildlife Federation — Our Public Lands

The National Wildlife Federation public lands program advocates for our public lands and waters, wildlife and the right of every American to enjoy them.