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Valentine’s Day gift to blockchain investors?

It is February the 6th, 2018 and Valentine’s day is approaching…

There exists a unique contingent of people that have already thought about what present to get their loved ones. They are the organised ones.

For the remaining contingent (a large group of us), I imagine a frantic challenge is being issued towards our imagination asking… “What is a potential gift idea can I muster that will surpass last year?” or “Do I really need to put much effort in?”

Every year, it gets harder, right?

Especially for those without a partner but who desperately seek the thrill of receiving a gift, or wishing to feel the excitement of giving a gift to the one they desire to be with.

An even finer contingent of individuals fall into the category of gifting themselves the opportunity of investing in ventures for the future benefit of their loved ones.

To those individuals, this article will introduce you to that opportunity.

Love Coins and the Love Platform.

A 2018 investor’s Valentine’s Day gift of choice.

An opportunity that will enable 2019 to present your loved ones with an exclusive Valentine’s day that you both can call, your own


Love Platform is a way to digitally recognise and acknowledge a persons love or commitment for another. Users exchange their Ether (a cryptocurrency native to the Ethereum blockchain) for services that they desire. These services range from Eternal commitments such as Marriage through to Playful commitments such as exchange of flirty customised Virtual hearts (think cryptokitties).

Love Coins, however, are the investors subject of attention.

These are tokens (akin to shares) that are distributed to investors prior to the development of the Love Platform. (Within 3 weeks)

Tokens are obtained during an Initial Coin Offering where investors exchange their Ether in return for a fixed magnitude of Love Coins, depending on the time and magnitude of their commitment. The earliest investors take the greatest risk and are in turn rewarded the most, as would be expected.

Upon conclusion of the Love Coins ICO and subsequent development of the Love Platform — token holders will begin to indefinitely receive pools of Ether that the decentralised Love Platform contract receives throughout the eternity of its existence.

Why would Investors buy Love Coins?

50% of all Ether pooled in the Love Platform smart contract are distributed to Love Coin holders every quarter. This Ether is sent to token holders based off their percentage holding relative to the total supply.

Early investors are able to obtain a larger percentage of Love Coins in comparison to late adopters, prior to the conclusion of the ICO.

Love Coins are ERC-20 standard Ethereum tokens that are minted immediately upon pre-sale and ICO commitment. This means that Love Coins can immediately be transferred or exchanged for other currencies, (eg. Ether) assuming a centralised or decentralised exchange has already listed it with a pairing. However, we would not advise trading your Love Coins as by transferring them away, you would be giving up your Ether reward capability and losing the benefit of this coins utility.

Why would Users use Love Platform?

Love is invaluable. The closest realistic comparison to the value of love could be the industry of gift giving or expenses in the domain of love itself.

This industry of purchasing gifts between couples is by far the largest in size comparative to other gift giving niches. No barriers on age, language or race impact this industry. Hence an open opportunity exists for creating a new method for gifting gestures of affection for important events that people share with their partners or person of interest.

Just like birthday cards have become a social normality on birthdays, there exists an opportunity for blockchain gesture services to become a new and disruptive method of giving gestural gifts for events relating to love, adoration or affection.

Think of a card or gestural token that will never get lost and will always be available for your reflection.

See the actual proposed Love Platform services below

Love Platform Services

Blockchain Marriage — “Eternal Commitment”

Love Platform presents the ability to permanently register the marriage of two individuals on the blockchain.

It is a registrar service with the sole purpose of keeping an official record of all gestures of marriage made, past and present on the Ethereum blockchain.

This record will be made available on an explorer and can be exported by third parties for auditing purposes — highlighting the time, recipients and messages inscribed upon registration.

Primarily, Love Platform wishes this feature to highlight the importance of gifting your partner or known couple the gesture of permanent and eternal recognition of marriage in a context that spans further than a single country, but instead, the decentralised globe of the blockchain.

We anticipate this feature to be the most impactful feature offered and one with the highest emotional attachment. An official certificate signed by Love Platform on behalf of the decentralised community of Ethereum will accompany the timely record of the first step forward towards a harmonious relationship between both recipients. It can be purchased by blockchain enthusiast as a gift to their friends and presents no discrimination on age, gender or species.

Date & Event Lock — “Reoccuring Commitment”

“Your own Valentine’s Day, recognised globally on the Blockchain”

Love Platform presents the opportunity for users to define their own date of celebration. This can be done predominantly through choice, or even through a lottery.

Users specify the name, participants and date of their event of love, adoration or affection.

Alternatively, some or all of those characteristics can be left up to chance in a lottery that results in a proposition for users to accept or reject.

The premise behind this service is to remove the social and mental bind that the retail industry has on society when it comes to pre-determined holiday’s such as Valentine’s Day. Instead it puts the power back in the user’s hand and allows them to specify when exactly they wish to celebrate the love and adoration of their partner, family or friends.

By using this service, the date of your celebration is locked on the blockchain eternally and allowed to repeat in perpetuity.

The Love Platform will display all events past, future and present to bring attention to the days of celebration that others have bound to the blockchain.

Love Blocks — “Reoccuring Commitment”

Love Platform presents users the ability to purchase a “block” and “lock” it in association with their name or their loved ones name — inscribing a message to accompany it.

The idea is that there are a finite number of blocks on a blockchain and only one block can be held exclusively, world-wide by an individual at any point in time, hence creating a product of scarcity.

This product is great for couples wishing to inscribe their love for one another at a moment in time or over a period of time (eg. a stream of blocks in a row) to imprint their intentions for eternal history.

Love Block’s that have been locked are displayed live on the accompanying Love Platform website. The inscription message is highlighted for all to see and optionally identifies the recipient.

Upcoming and previous love blocks are also displayed so that couples may reminisce on their previous inscription or for users to plan their future love block locks.

This feature will be popular for anniversaries, weddings, moments in life where users want to show adoration or love for their significant other or friend. The comparative equivalent in real life is the moment you share when you place a padlock on a bridge with an inscription and date. The only difference is that authorities in the city you placed your padlock may remove it… but that won’t be possible with OUR LOVE Block on the Ethereum blockchain. It will reside permanently in an immutable state, unable to be censored, and for all to see. A truly touching gesture.

Virtual Hearts — “Playful Commitment”

Purchase one of three virtual assets on the Love Platform:

  • Heart of Love
  • Heart of Like
  • Heart of Adoration

and trade Rare Hearts that are released monthly in limited supply.

Users may purchase and collect a number of Hearts on their account or transfer portions of their existing Hearts to other registered users (Ethereum addresses) residing on the Love Platform.

Users may either collect a large quantity of these hearts for the purpose of being visible on leader boards listed below, or send portions to other individuals as a gesture of love, like or adoration — the true utility of their existence.

Transfers from others are highlighted with a message, quantity and optional gesture accompanying it (dependant on the type of Heart sent).

Leader boards present following information:

  • Most Loved (Addresses that have received the most external Hearts of Love from other individuals — addresses which may or may not have their identity public).
  • Most Liked (Addresses that have received the most external Hearts of Like from other individuals).
  • Most Adored (Addresses that have received the most external Hearts of Adoration from other individuals).
  • Most Love to Give (Addresses that have bought and currently hold the most Hearts of Love)
  • Most Like to Give (Addresses that have bought and currently hold the most Hearts of Like)
  • Most Adoration to Give (Addresses that have bought and currently hold the most Hearts of Adoration)

Further to the above categories of hearts are Rare Hearts. Each user of the platform has the ability to create their own Custom Heart within the bounds of the Heart illustration creator.

Their Heart is then automatically placed on globally collated list of monthly hearts that are voted on by platform users to enter the official circulation of Rare Hearts.

When the contract picks the winning Heart of the month (as a result of receiving the most votes), users that voted on that heart will be awarded their percentage of votes contributed to the custom heart. It will be placed into their balance and subsequently can be used by them to transfer or hold, for the purpose of gifting or scoring high on leader boards.

Custom hearts may be trade-able on the market amongst users of the Love Platform and will be the scarcest resources in comparison to the main Hearts that can be bought with Ether at any time.


Love Coins will be available for purchase by investors during two windows of opportunity.

  1. Pre-sale — for early investors — 10th of March until 10th of April
  2. Crowdsale — for late investors — 10th of May running for 6 weeks once cap is met

How and What should I do?

  1. Go to and immediately register your email to obtain the opportunity or choice to commit once the sales go live.
  2. Read the white paper by clicking the link on our webpage above
  3. Observe the Love Coin distribution tables on that same webpage to understand your desired entry point into the offering.

Who are you?

We are Etherealize. We are a Software Engineering Company based in Melbourne, Australia, developing Ethereum Distributed Blockchain Applications. We are a group of passionate software and network engineers that want to empower the users of every day platforms to benefit from the programmable capability of asset transfers that Smart Contracts on the Ethereum platform provides.

Our experience in software engineering, application infrastructure, web development and scalable applications spans 20 years.

Our journey into blockchain and experience into smart contracts on Ethereum has lasted 2 years, since the release of the network.

In the context of this article and our Love Platform described above, our experience in the industry of love and dating spans 5 years with over 100 dating sites, 250,000+ members, 750,000+ monthly messages, 1,000,000+ monthly profile views and 10,000+ monthly joins.

We recommend you join our movement and give yourself the chance to feel the Love.

Visit us at and register NOW!




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