Finding A Good Guy Is Like Finding An Ideal Parking Spot

Finding a good guy is like finding an ideal parking spot — there are tons of open spaces, but never anywhere close to where you actually want to park. You refuse to settle so you keep looking for a spot a bit closer to your destination, and then you find one! But then you think…if I keep looking maybe I’ll find something even closer…so you risk a perfectly okay spot, and keep driving. Suddenly you start to panic — you realize that all the good spots are taken. Maybe you should have settled for that mediocre spot, but its gone too. Now you find yourself back where you started, in front of all the open spaces that no one wants. Maybe out of desperation you park. You’re just tired of circling for something you are starting to doubt exists. But the brave ones, the one’s that refuse to settle — and perhaps by mere chance, coincidence, or dumb luck — find someone leaving your dream spot and it’s all yours for the taking.

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