Come. Sit. Don't stare at me from there. There need be no gap between our bodies. This ground is lovely, lush and verdant. It cannot compare to the heathered hills of yore, but it will do. It is better because of you.

Lie with me as I lie in the grass. Feel this green beneath me, its hairs caressing my calves and thighs, my skin crawling with sensation, my exposed skin caressed by thousands of nondescript friends all playing their part.

Let the dew wash over you and you and you. Unlace your shoes and dig your toes into this soil. This bed was made for thinking.

Overwhelm your organ with sensation, the cascade of an ion exchange that happens infrequently. Press the pads of your feet beneath where my back reclines. Unearth something from within.

Dig your fingers in and sort this tangled web of hair. Gently pull and release. Smooth the surface and retreat complete and satiated. Close your eyes while I envelop you from behind and grind the earth with my side, my shoulders and hips pivot and dip, the tether between us grows in diameter as it shortens in length.

Recoil as I spring up and race around, chasing sun and air across, up and down. Smile when I achieve my sweet release, eyes glinting and cheeks replete with a suffusion of blood and heat.

I celebrate this day and every one leading to it. I cherish these minutes with you, unplanned and unexpected. You divine what I need before I ask for it. Your electric gaze snaps across my synapse and I'm stunned in your haze.

Touch me when I fall onto the meadowbed, caressing our many friends, our home, our heart. Let’s take this place with us wherever we go.

Why do I forget about us here? This is not portable. Memories do not suffice. I cannot encapsulate your flaxen hair in afternoon light. I cannot aggregate these hours of sensate bliss into a photo or a moment or a kiss.

I do not care if I miss this or place today on an insurmountable peak, a zenith of happiness. I do not care if I am primed for a fall, certain disappointment and the knowledge of perfect bliss. I welcome any competition to this day, one equally lovely and gentle and sweet.

Already the glow has diminished by a lumen. I've started to grow cold.

Look at me again and call my name. Sweep my sloping hips and coax my navel into play. Today is the day and I feel alive. Spread your arms across me and tell me you're mine.