Love, Relationships and Dating

When I look back on high-school, college and everything after — there is a consistent thread of the ups and downs of relationships.

Love is confusing — at the same time that we desire it, we also avoid it: There is a joy in love and intimacy; there is a safety and ease in loneliness.

I truly think neither is good or bad, but I do believe that our understanding and way of being in love, dating and relationships (both romantic and platonic) has been hijacked by our culture (historical and modern), by our collective history and by our personal experiences.

This is a tragedy. In a world where there are a precious few things that are free and infinite — we are consciously or unconsciously pushed towards unnatural tension and experiences around love — we are pushed towards a transactional love.

My wife, Sarika, has focused her career on life’s work on exploring this. And, I have had the opportunity to witness her exploration.

At the heart of her work — has been the idea of instilling freedom and choice in our human experience of love; and, from that place to choose and create our own experience.

Viktor Frankl in his heart breaking memoir, Man’s Search for Meaning writes

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

For me, that is what Sarika’s coaching, books and courses have taught me. Her work is about changing the lens of love. Her work is about creating space within. Her work is about filling that space with unadulterated self: you.

And, from there, loving your life; attracting love; and continuing to grow in love.

I am so proud of her coaching, but I am even more proud of her creating something that helps women tap into that deep sacred space.

Her Sacred Soulmate System is aptly named because it is about connecting to that sacred space within and filling it with love.

From there, I have seen countless clients become their own soulmate and attract their soulmate.

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