Thursday 31st December

It’s New Years Eve and in my world traditionally time to give the house clear up and clear out ready for celebrations tonight to bring the new year in. All the Christmas decorations get taken down and safely put away until next year, which makes the house look so much more spacious and tidy again. I love putting the decorations up, I love to see them up but I really like to see it all put away again.

I love all the programs they put on TV today looking back at what has happened over the past year and in all honesty as the years roll round and I get older, what happened in January literally feels like yesterday. Of course there are bits you have totally forgotten about, the general election for one, was that really this year? Listening to all the party leaders debating what they may or may not do when they get into power all the speculation and polls, which all turned out to be incorrect anyway.

Similarly the death of Cilla Black, until reminded that had also gone from my mind even though she was a big celebrity who featured all throughout my 50 years.

Seeing pictures of Madonna being pulled back down the steps mid performance, as her cape didn’t release, brought back the same horror reaction as when it was first shown. It reminds us to be grateful we don’t live our lives on a stage where all our actions good or bad are scrutinised and broadcast to the world.