Beating the Odds of Moving in North London Bad Weather

Moving home is a challenging enough task that will put all of your abilities to the test. Your time management, your physical endurance and even your psyche will have to endure the hardships of moving.

Despite the fact that moving is already hard enough, sometimes you will have to deal with moving in bad weather. That is a worst case scenario, but one that you must be prepared for. It could be that your North London man and van service cannot be rescheduled, or you don’t have the time to wait for the weather to get better. In such cases, it’s best to consider what you can do to remedy situation and still succeed with the move. Quit panicking and focus your attention on the following tips and solutions:

Ask what your reschedule options are — this must be your first order of business. Depending on the man and van North London service you have booked with, the company might be willing to reschedule their arrival for another date. If cancelling your appointment doesn’t lead to significant drawbacks, such as paying a penalty, it is wise to resort to this option. Sometimes it’s better to wait a day or two, than move in a raging stormy weather. 
Have the North London man with van team park close — the shorter the distance between your home and the removal van, the less your boxes and other items will be exposed to the rain. If there is a large enough driveway in front of your home, make sure it is available so that the movers can park their vehicle there. That will ensure fast trips between your front door and the van, which is desirable in case of heavy rainfall. 
Buy some cover materials — it is worth to inquire if your man and van North London service can provide you with some plastic sheets and other such handy materials. Wrapping your belongings thoroughly will keep them safe from water and also prevent the cardboard from falling apart. Other equipment, such as boots and a raincoat, is also useful, especially if you know of expected rain from the weather forecast.

Secure the entryway — with the increased traffic from family members and the man with van North London team treading around your entryway, it’s likely that water and mud from outside will soon end up there. In order to prevent unwanted accidents (such as slipping while carrying something heavy) or delays in the loading work, you must ensure that the entryway is covered with an old fabric sheet. That will keep it from becoming a slippery mess. 
Be careful when driving — relocation doesn’t end with loading the van. You must also get to your new address in the rain. An experienced North London man with van team will have no troubles, but that doesn’t mean you should rush to get to your new home. Mind your speed and pay attention while on the road to get to your destination safe. 
Moving in bad weather is difficult, but not impossible to pull off. Follow these tips to get through the task with ease.

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