How To Clean Your Windows like a Pro

Like the eyes are the mirror of our soul, thus the windows are the face of our home. They represent our whole property and show it to the outer world. That is why it is of a great importance to maintain and clean them properly.

Windows are for sure one of the toughest spots to clean in your home. What is more in order to clean them properly, you have to clean them not only from the inside, but also from the outside. This means that if the windows can not be opened from the inside or reached easily, you will need for sure a professional cleaning company that will clean them instead of you.

Nevertheless the internal part is something you can do for sure. If you can’t afford to hire a company, then you have to do them both sides.
The easiest way will be if the windows can be opened and reached from the inside. In this case you will just need to roll your sleeves up and get started.

First of all make sure that you have all the right detergents and clothes. Most of the detergents that are especially designed for cleaning of the windows, contain the right ingredients that will make your windows clean and shiny at the same time. Yet, to make sure that they will not be smeared, you should provide clean clothes and tissue.

When you get rid from the hard dirt, then you can polish them with kitchen paper. The paper will eliminate even the slightest remnants of dust and dirt and will make the windows shiny.

If you are not able to reach the windows from the inside, or they are not on the ground floor flat, then you can use an extension. There are some special squeegees which can help you with the task. Most of them can be extended so that you will be able to reach the windows from far away. If they are completely out of reach and you are can’t afford the professional services, then the only thing that you can do is use the hose. With its help you can wash away the dirt. Maybe the windows will not be sparkling, but yet, you will be able to remove all the grease and grime.

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