How to Move Your House Smoothly

You know what they say, that change is good? It could be. But it could also be living hell.
You know what I mean, packing and organizing and dragging your stuff from one place to another in your second cousin’s husband’s van is hardly the best picture one would draw in their head when they tried to picture moving places.
Before I changed addresses for the first time, I used to think that moving was the kind of family-reuniting, friends-boding event that actually got people together while stretching packing tape over boxes and sharing sweet memories while reminiscing the past over some old dog-eared photos… Carrying extravagantly colored sofas up steep stairs while the neighbor’s min pin is running around in your feet, could be both good for your adrenaline pull your back muscles’ shape… Oh, well.

And I used to imagine my new neighbors (who, the way I pictured them, were always young and unquestionably attractive). The way I would think over things, those really nice (and, as previously mentioned, incredibly attractive) fellas would come and greet me for having the pleasure of being their new neighbor, and then, of course, ask me if I needed any help with moving in.

Yeah, people say that change is good. And so is a creative imagination. Change is good. Imagination is good. Well, they are. Especially when you know how to handle both.

If I tell you that my first change of addresses was as easy as pie, I would be lying. Terribly. Because it wasn’t. It was somewhere between comic and tragic, stretching beyond my initial idea of moving, an experience worth a sitcom scenario.But a person is learning. Next time, I called a removal agency and the moving process went much smoother, for me, that is.There is always a way to enjoy change. Luckily, I found mine.