Building teams at LovedBy Design

We’ve had a great start to the year here at LovedBy Design. The team are working on a number of projects, and we need some help as we continue to grow and expand the team.

We recently wrote about our journey to becoming LovedBy Design, and what’s been happening since the end of 2018. Ultimately, at LovedBy Design we want to improve society by making people’s lives better, simpler and smarter through design, data and technology.

To continue on that journey, we’re currently looking for people to join us at LovedBy Design in Manchester in the following areas:

Service Design
Experience Design
Design Research
Visual Design

This is a great opportunity for someone who is genuinely excited by being an integral part of a team working across multiple projects that span product and service.

We’d love to meet and speak to anyone that might be interested in joining us, and talk more about who and what we’re looking for. We can share more about what we offer, what it’s like to work here and more about the work we complete with our partners and clients.

You can email to start the conversation or call us on 0161 236 9898.

Please forward or share this article if there’s someone who you believe would be interested in joining us here in Manchester.