A Simple Truth About Masturbation

How we touch ourselves is how we touch others.

Jared Matthew Weiss
Feb 13 · 2 min read

Our first sexual partners tend to be ourselves.

And it’s usually something we discover and practice in absolute secrecy. Not just privacy, but secrecy. As in, we believe that nobody can know.

There’s an intrinsic fear around getting caught that’s bolstered by shame, and this — this — is how many of us begin to cultivate our sexual selves. We carry this shame into adulthood, into the bedrooms of our partners, and it’s not until we get vulnerable, and openly admit to somebody — maybe a partner, a friend, a lover — that we are a full-fledged masturbating human, do we set ourselves free from this shame and enter into our sexuality liberated and ready to connect in a big way.

So what’s the point of all this? Well, let’s just say that a kid who can show up at the dinner table five minutes late and earnestly say, “Sorry fam, I was masturbating,” will probably grow up to have a better sex life than a kid who can’t.

I’m Jared Matthew Weiss.
I believe that self-expression is the key to freedom.
I’ve talked to thousands of people about their love and sex lives.
I would love to tell your story.

Here. We. Go.

Jared Matthew Weiss

Written by

Founder at Touchpoint


Real people. Talking sex.

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