Before you fall in love with someone, ask yourself this question.

A quick and simple way to assess a potential partner

Motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So when considering a romantic partner, there is one question you may want to ask before allowing yourself to dive into the deep end with someone:

“Do I want to be like this person?”

Because inevitably, you will become like them in many ways.

You’ll start to take on some of their mannerisms, dietary restrictions, and even parts of their worldview and values.

You’ll find yourself with a new favorite drink, reading books that reshape your perspective, and using words that weren’t native to you until they started using them all the time.

It’s important to note that our partners don’t just compliment us, they change us. Love triggers our personal evolution in profound ways.

It’s just a natural part of coupling. And it’s inevitable.

So while you’re on that date or skimming that profile, asking yourself things like is this person my type, do I find them attractive, etc., ask yourself is this someone I want to be like?

Because, in one way or many, that’s who you’re bound to become.

Here. We. Go.

Love, Jmw.

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Real people. Talking sex.

Jared Matthew Weiss

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Real people. Talking sex.