Consent is King

As discussed at Touchpoint Town Hall in August in NYC

It’s been said that ‘asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission,’ and this ideology can certainly lead to an extraordinary life. But that way of thinking has no place in the bedroom — or wherever else you may be having sex with someone.

At Touchpoint, we recently discussed the significance of consent, and there were a few key takeaways we wanted to share.

“Consent goes for everyone — men and women — all of the time.”

Sex is a vulnerable space, and regardless of gender or sexual orientation, getting permission to try something new or exploratory is paramount no matter what.

“Consent can be sexy. I ask for it by saying, I want to try this thing with you. Is that alright?”

You may think that stopping to ask for permission will disrupt the mood. But depending on how you position it, asking for verbal consent can be super sexy. After all, telling your partner what you’d like to do to them if only they’d just…say…yes, may be a big turn on.

“Assume I’m game for anything, unless I tell you to stop or say no.”

Setting up the rules in advance is a smart way of eliminating confusion and creating a safe space for you and your partner to explore each other. Whether you agree on a set of non-verbal cues or explicitly layout what you’re up for, you can do no wrong by establishing the boundaries ahead of time.

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