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What is metabolic syndrome?

Do I have it and can I make it go away? And does it impact my breathing?

Metabolic syndrome is a problem of lipid abnormalities, elevated glucose levels, and fat production and storage
Insulin resistance is the foundation of metabolic syndrome
The Ominous Octet of Type 2 Diabetes shows all the organs affected by insulin resistance
Comparing the calories in/calories out model of obesity to the hormonal hypothesis of obesity — From Jason Fung
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome affect how we breathe
It is crucial to address the pillars of health when we take care of patients



I created this blog as place to discuss insulin resistance and obesity on overall health as well as with how we breathe.

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Patricia George

Physician, athlete, and lover of the outdoors. Seeking to understand how we manifest our best selves. Inspired by hope. Opinions are my own.