Will Our Language Mature?

How many English alphabets we may have lost because the language matured in the wrong generation, more so because it failed to further-mature for the right reasons, for right people.

For instance, [H] is silent in the most noble word around — ‘Honest’. Likewise for ‘Honor’.

The shape of [H] suggests as if it is a connector, a bridge — but it does not get the due credit.

Oxford dictionary says that it is silent because of the word’s deviation. Cruel it is — a language is not mathematics.

The language needs to mature for:

  • A sound that rings like a series of hills and valleys, as if a life. A ninety degree’d [S]?
  • A shape that feels like the capacity, for everything in life. A sixty degree’d [U]?
  • A line that means a stance, for anything in a state. A thirty degree’d [X]?
  • And much more.

For goodness, language permits free trade between the producers and consumers, between the culprit and the victim, between the ink and the verdict. So, we do not need to disrupt today.

May be another day.

Another hour. Another H is silent.