Lean Startup Methodology W/Sidd Goyal

2017 SA Week 2 Session 2 Reviewing Hypothesis Testing Blog by Betsy Baez of Bella Divine Beauty


Thursday — w/Sidd Goyal via Video Chat!!!

My name is Betsy Baez I own Bella Divine Beauty in Lowell, MA. In today’s class we learned how to come up with a hypothesis on what our customers pain points are and how to discover these pain points by asking key questions and testing our assumptions about them.

I feel I will be able to apply these techniques to my business by getting a better understanding of my customers and how to better service them based on their needs and desires. I will be able to determine whether my assumptions are correct or if as expected I can gain some insight and improve significantly in how to operate my business and deliver my services geared more to my customers.

  • Betsy Baez, Founder and Owner of Bella Divine Beauty

Check out the FB post and Video here: https://www.facebook.com/EforAllLowellLawrence/posts/743109059202567

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