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What Inflation?

Neilson says — not for me!

No one sends me dollars by post. Checks — yes! This is the second time in my life, am getting another mail with actual cash in it. First time, was in around1999 when I had first arrived in US, and was surprised to see cash in the post. I used to open and read junk mails those days as a new comer to this country. I always thought it must be illegal to send cash by post, till I got a dollar in the mail.

Now, twenty-three years later in 2022, I got another mail from Nielson asking me to participate in their market-research. With a $1 dollar bill inside! Same as before! With the same covering letter(that I didn’t read this time, or care to). I am a bit more wiser these days to junk mails and “research”. But what is shocking is my time is still valued at $1. Thank you Nielson! No inflation!. Let me check what I can buy for $1 this time! Even the dollar stores do not sell for less than $1. Even McDonals cookie costs more than a dollar with tax.

May be I should buy some crypto with $1. But apparently many have minimums at least $2.

McD is tantalizing but with tax it is beyond my reach!
coinbase app
SoFi app accepts!
So does Square(Block)’s CashApp

So, either CashApp or SoFi. If I get a real cookie I will happily get that instead!




Lower Order Bit — Technology related minor observations.

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