francis coin

money is not amoral. money is moral. prices reflect values. prices ARE values. if you value something MORE than the price, you buy. if you value something LESS than the price, you sell.

the moral nature of money escapes people. that’s because most people don’t think for themselves, don’t have clear values, and absorb their morals from the majority. the majority is mimetically entangled. someone wants something because someone else wants something. celebrities and brands exploit this fact, by telling people what to want, and setting their own prices. they don’t price against costs. they price against what people will pay. and some people will pay any price, because the higher the price, the more valuable it becomes to them.

socialists call this “exploitation”, and indeed, it is. it is a direct exploitation of the masses. the few rip off the many.

but WHAT are they exploiting? are they exploiting ignorance? or something deeper than ignorance?

they are exploiting amorality.

money is moral. people are amoral.

brands and celebrities can exploit people because people don’t disagree with the price. if they made moral judgements, they would not buy things they don’t value. they would only buy things they valued, and they would only buy them at or below the price that reflects their value.

capitalism is a war of all values against all values.

what is foolish about the socialist position is the assertion that costs should determine prices. an apple should not be sold at cost, because even if an apple costs only 1¢, i will not buy it if i do not value life. cheaper prices just mean more life for the same price, but if i do not value life itself, i will commit suicide. conversely, if i value life, and i have no other food available to me, i will pay every dollar i have for the food i need to survive. every transaction reflects the price at which the buyer and the seller agreed on values.

because most consumers are amoral, morality falls to the producers. supply leads demand. the role of the producers is to create products that THEY believe are valuable, and convince the amoral masses to value them at the set price. marketing becomes evangelism. make what you value, then convince everyone to value what you value. if they buy it, you get paid, and can make more of what you value.

alpha is where you disagree with the market.

most people make money on beta. when the market does well, they do well. when the price is high, they pay a high price. when the price is low, they pay a low price. they are amoral. their life is market determined. their values are market determined. their relationships are market determined. they don’t realize that they are utterly controlled creatures of systems, mindlessly interacting with other creatures of systems; they are a reaction, reacting to other reactions.

but as soon as you leave the group, and become an individual, you begin to disagree with the market, and express those disagreements as a consumer in the way you buy and sell, as an individual in how you think and behave — the very nature of your existence changes — and as a producer, you make what you value, which nobody else values as much as you. if someone else valued it as much as you, it would already exist. but it doesn’t exist. so you have to invent it. you are alpha.

i am rich in francis coin.

francis coin is a hypothetical currency that reflects my alpha.

that is, it reflects the price at which i would buy or sell anything. it even reflects non-monetary “prices” — the units of emotional, intellectual and physical effort that i “pay” to achieve outcomes i value.

individuals, insofar as they are individuals, disagree with all prices, and could represent those disagreements in their own personal currency.

suppose your name is sarah. suppose i invite you to coffee, and you agree to meet me. that decision is like a transaction, a price, in which francis coin and sarah coin agreed on value.

but if francis is more excited to meet sarah than sarah is to meet francis, then the francis coin price for the meeting may be 1000 francis coins, whereas the sarah coin price might be 100 sarah coins. thankfully the meeting only costs francis 100 francis coins of opportunity cost, and only costs sarah 10 sarah coins of opportunity cost. so we both agree to meet.

when i buy my latte, francis coin values the latte at the equivalent of $10, but i only pay $5, so i gladly pay.

writing this post was worth 10,000 francis coin, and only cost me 1,000 francis coin. this is why i am SO RICH in francis coin!

francis coin converts into dollars, and into every currency, via an algorithm in francis’ head. that algorithm is the secret to self-awareness.