duolingo is my real job.

because overtrading is such a problem, i have to build habits and hobbies to keep me busy. the best of them satisfy these criteria: 
 — they give me something to do with my energy
 — they are fun, challenging ways to pass the time
 — they are long-term investments.

duolingo satisfies all three criteria. so does MMA swordfighting. so does archery. so does reading. so does writing.

i’m looking for more of these. social activities are more fun, but harder to do regularly. single player activities are wonderful, because i can do them whenever i want. but i quickly get bored of repetitive activities.

i am an avid trail runner, but now that i’ve done all the trails near me, i don’t want to keep going out. and i don’t own a car right now. as an entrepreneur, the cheaper the activity, the more likely it is that i am going to stay consistent. this rules out most sports, classes, etc.

anyways, as invisible succeeds, overtrading is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for me, because keats (my bot) is automating more and more things for me. for example, i used to spend weekends organizing files and folders, keeping spreadsheets up to date, tagging contacts, and doing other data manipulations. now all of that is taken care of for me, or is scheduled to be taken care of for me.

i’ve hired for most, but not all, of the key roles i need filled. once we’re profitable, we’ll hire a few more partners to fill the remaining design, marketing, finance, and training roles. then we’ll be done with the core team, and any future hires should mostly be an implication of getting that right.

so what’s left? fundraising is mostly automated. all i do is talk to the investors and report awesome numbers and answer strategy questions.

the real work that remains is decision-making. but decision-making is so asymmetrical that a single decision could mean one week, one month, one quarter, or even one year of work for someone on my team. so i can quickly overwhelm people with my ideas and decisions.

because i know that i am impatient, and don’t want to wait for the time-lapse to complete, i need to find “real jobs” to fill up most of my time.