LYKK Listing Update

Brad Loyakk
Apr 1, 2019 · 2 min read

With much understanding of the disappointment this may cause, we beg your patience and support as we are forced to delay listing in pursuit of better opportunities for the overall community. Loyakk Vega has every intention of bringing the LYKK token to market, once a few very positive developments have been wrapped up.

On a business front, we have been in negotiation with a number of the largest enterprise players in the market with a view to creating strategic partnerships which will enhance the network value of the platform beyond what we envisioned when we started out on our journey. With these strategic partnerships in the pipeline, the senior team is looking to delay the listing till after these have been wrapped up.

The Loyakk team has been very busy negotiating with over 20 major crypto-currency exchanges; many of which are already signed and ready to go. We have devised a staggered listing strategy that involves both Top 20 exchanges (in terms of trading volume) and smaller exchanges in various regional markets; for maximum exposure, once the very positive news in the background is cleared for an announcement.

We will shortly be releasing further details of the exchanges that we are initially going to list with. We anticipate that we should be in a position to list within the next couple of months.

We would sincerely like to thank all Loyakk supporters and token purchasers for your patience, but like with everything, great things come to those who wait with patience.

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Brad Loyakk

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Loyakk Blog

Latest perspectives, news and updates from the Loyakk Team

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