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Passing The Time

Dot and I are on day 5 of a 14-day isolation. It’s dull, but we have distractions. We marvel at the people getting 7am Tennis lessons.

Every day we take in the sunrise on the balcony with a cup of coffee. Today I tried making Americano using the hot water dispenser, but the espresso was better. And occasionally we will play Go on the set my brother Jeff gave me for Christmas…

For exercise, I do my Animal Crossing chores while walking back and forth across the hotel room, like a polar bear in a zoo. Dot says that until they have a recipe for a water tower she’s not interested in Animal Crossing. Which is fine.

I have begun working with SMU again, from my glamourous office.

I did manage to write some useful code over the last few days.

The hunt for somewhere to live after the SHN is going nicely. My boss is going to do an inspection of a place that I would be sharing with Inari and Andreas, two other senior researchers at the Centre who just arrived here in Singapore. Their SHN finishes in a couple of days. If the unit is as advertised, this is what it might look like.

We had to offer the landlord more than the usual amount of rent to get a lease of less than one year, but it’s still a great option for us. We can split the rent three ways, so it is very affordable compared to everything other than renting a bedroom in someone else’s house, and it is super close to work.

The little blue man there is me. I’m actually way closer to work now. ☺

It seems like most of the apartment buildings and hotels here are built on top of malls, and this one is no exception. So almost anything you need is just downstairs.

OK, that’s all for now. Time to go for a “walk" before breakfast arrives. ☺



A blog of the experiences of an expat Canadian in Singapore and his friend Dot.

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Jason Morris

Rules as Code Director at Service Canada, CEO Previous: Lawyer; ABA Innovation Fellow; Sessional Instructor; Computational Law Researcher