Yoga redefined.

Had been practising yoga for a while…. which seems like a lifetime and thought of myself much of a Yogini…. when the universe just jolted me out of the reverie with a new discovery.

Got a chance to experience — Isha Yoga by , yes it is a life time experience, I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Cant be saying like other bloggers, that it is a life changing experience for me. But i am sure i have walked away from the program a little more wiser and calmer. Why so can be explained :

Wiser, because of ingredients of the program
Yoga from basics, which gears you for the Kriya.
The Life fundas which is explained in a very simple way by the Sadhguru.
The importance of discipline which is inculcated as part of the program.
The service mentality which is demonstrated by the volunteers and the facilitator.

The discourses from Sadhguru, which we get to hear as part of the program is very enlightening. He makes you understand some basic and essential life truths with stories interlaced with humour. He can be called the real modern day Guru, very sassy and appealing to millennials.

Calmer, the yoga asanas are explained and practiced with such details that, you tend to understand your body rhythms with these practices. None of the yoga programs which i have attended in my decade and half of yoga training had these details included. The emphasis on the breath brings that element of being in the “NOW” to you.