SignRequest x LTO Network: enabling blockchain for over 1 mil users. Live!

SignRequest, one of Europe’s leading electronic signing providers, added LTO Network’s blockchain solution to its electronic signature application. The integration has been under testing since the beginning of 2019, and is now live!

Today SignRequest, one of Europe’s biggest electronic signing parties joined LTO Network to secure the documents that are signed on their platform. With so many choices and blockchains, we asked Michaël Krens, CTO of SignRequest, what made him decide to implement LTO Network.

Over the last few years, the adoption of the digital signature has seen an immense rise in the corporate landscape. Whereas just years ago, scanners and couriers had a significant part in the concluding of a ‘wet signature’ agreement, the digital signature has become embedded widely in finance and legal departments. Industries that are traditionally slow on widely adopting new technologies, with digital signatures appearing to be the exception to this rule. This multi-billion dollar industry with a 31% per year compound annual growth rate shows the stretch that this technology still has to offer. With the future in mind, in which novel solutions allow digital signatures to become digital workflows that save money, increase efficiency and move businesses forward, these projected growth numbers even seem rather conservative.

Michaël Krens, CTO of SignRequest:

Using the blockchain for Proof-of-Existence for electronic signatures just makes sense and is already happening. When we researched blockchain platforms, LTO Network stood out in terms of speed, set-up, and capabilities. We are able to include the blockchain transaction identifier directly into our signing logs which are circulated upon signing without the need to wait minutes for confirmations. Next to that, the potential of creating decentralized workflows did the trick to add the LTO Network solution as an option to our users.”

Geert-Jan Persoon, CEO of SignRequest, & Rick Schmitz, CEO of LTO Network

This partnership with SignRequest fits our new approach like a glove. We’re moving our focus from designing and building solutions ourselves towards supporting integrators and software vendors whose clients benefit from our technology. The LTO public blockchain is optimized for anchoring transactions, making it light and effective. Using the so-called Bitcoin-NG protocol, the network pre-approves transactions instantly before the hashes are stored on LTO Network. This makes the LTO Network ideal for Proof-of-Existence on documents, emails, and other off-chain data.

SignRequest is a perfect example of a forward thinking company who sees the blockchain landscape and narrative maturing. Millions of transactions per year will immensely stimulate LTO Network’s usage and the trust in it.

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