Passing the Knowledge Torch

UCSD Computer Science Department — Tutor (September 2013 —June 2014)

Long Tran
Long Tran
Feb 4, 2015 · 2 min read

Tutors are students who have excelled at certain Computer Science courses and been selected by the department to serve as extra assistance for current students. Since September 2013, I have been a Computer Science tutor for several courses, helping a total of 600+ students. Being a tutor is a very rewarding experience because not only do I get to keep my knowledge sharp and ready, I am able to grow interpersonally by giving back to the student community.

As a tutor, my responsibilities include holding weekly office hours when I directly interact with the students on a one-on-one basis and assist them with their programming assignments and/or challenging concepts. I have tutored the “Introduction to Java” series, a 2-course (20 weeks) track that introduces students to Computer Science and Java, under Dr. Ana Murillo. I have also tutored for the course “Introduction to Discrete Mathematics” under Dr. Mia Minnes. The course introduces fundamental discrete mathematics concepts, number theory, and proof methodologies. In addition, I also maintain and execute a UNIX script that randomizes students’ seating assignments periodically. The purpose of this is to simulate students’ engagement with one another and improve classroom discussion.

Being a tutor is very exciting since I get to interact with both the professors/faculty as well as hundreds of students; the experience really improves my technical communication skills. I find myself confident in explaining technical concepts without using too many jargons and acronyms, which I think is critical for my career. Below are some feedbacks I received from students over the year:

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