Introducing LUA x tDAO Dual Farming Plan

The first farming pool to generate dual rewards in a single pool on LuaSwap.

TomoChain Publisher
2 min readNov 6, 2021


Ever dreamt about earning two types of tokens in a single farming pool? Well, it’s not a dream anymore.

LuaSwap is excited to be working with TomoMasterDAO, the governance platform for grants of TomoChain, to bring you the first dual farming pool with $LUA and $tDAO rewards.

Dual Farming Plan

Start time: 8 AM UTC, 8 November 2021 (Monday)

Duration: 6 months

Eligible Farming Pool: tDAO/TOMO (TomoChain network)

Rewards: $LUA & $tDAO

Farming $tDAO

Farming $LUA

The tables above detailed the maximum APY and amount of rewards of both tDAO and LUA tokens in the farming pool.

Initially, the highest APY of the month will apply, until the pool draws high enough liquidity and the monthly rewards limit is met. Then the APY will slowly drop depending on the liquidity of the pool.


About TomoMasterDAO

TomoMasterDAO is TomoChain’s system of governance for grants with the public’s input, letting the community take part in the decision-making process alongside an incentive program. The scope of TomoMasterDAO is to offer fundings for promising projects. In simple words, look at this DAO as a tree branch to extend TomoChain’s network.

About LuaSwap

LuaSwap is a multi-chain liquidity protocol with no seed investment, founder’s fees, or pre-mining. At the core, LuaSwap delivers a community-governed, multichain protocol via the LUA token. LUA’s token economics is re-designed with a vesting schedule to not only reward early adopters but also incentivize them to stay and participate in governance for a longer period of time.

LuaSwap now operates independently on both the TomoChain & Ethereum Blockchains, taking advantage of each chain’s capabilities. On the TomoChain blockchain, LuaSwap allows you to purchase tokens nearly instantly, at near-zero gas fees without network congestion.

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