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Multi-chain liquidity protocol for emerging token projects with no seed investment, founder’s fees, or pre-mining.


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LUA Token

The Economics of Token Farming

Token Distribution

  • Duration: The first 8 weeks
  • Block rewards have a 128 times multiplier in the first two weeks, and are halved every week afterward.
  • 25 percent of tokens farmed during this period will unlock immediately.
  • The other 75 percent are fully locked for the first 16 weeks, then unlocked LINEARLY every block (appr 393,544 LUA/day) for a 1 year period, starting at week 17.

Initial Pools

Liquidity Migration

Treasury Fund

Protocol Development


  • LuaToken: The LUA token contract. Implement token emission with vesting. Built-in voting with LUA token (Compound voting module)
  • MasterFarmer: Deposit LP tokens to farm LUA with new allocation points.



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