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New York City Cyber Command (NYC3) has joined Luatix as a sponsor member

Since the beginning of the OpenCTI journey, New York City Cyber Command (NYC3) has demonstrated a true interest in the platform and has been involved in all major milestones of the product development. We are deeply honored to welcome them as our first non-EU sponsor member. As validated during our last Ordinary General Assembly, NYC3's membership was unanimously approved by all Luatix members.

NYC3 is now a Luatix sponsor member

New York City Cyber Command is using OpenCTI to deliver top-level cyber threat intelligence to its internal and external stakeholders. They are also the point of origin for many great integrations with OpenCTI such as Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR, FireEye threat intelligence feeds or more recently RiskIQ.

Finally, NYC3 uses OpenCTI and brings Luatix with the following use cases:

  • extensive usage of OpenCTI leveraging a large set of data sources ;
  • CTI knowledge dissemination across multiple entities ;
  • enhancing New York City’s detection & DFIR capabilities by providing fresh and accurate pieces of intel.
NYC3 leaders involved in the Luatix membership

With more than 3 millions of entities, 2 millions of observables and 4 millions of relationships in their “6 month old platform”, NYC3 has proven not only to be a valuable member to our community but also the organization we can count on to push the limits of our platform in terms of volume and performances.

But beyond quantitative cyber threat intelligence, the NYC3 also provides Luatix with great insights about their vision and data model, which definitely help us to design a better product over the long term.

Functional approach of NYC3

We know that working with New York City Cyber Command will allow OpenCTI to reach upper levels of quality and operational effectiveness. We are looking forward to work with NYC3 teams on all Luatix projects and developments!



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