Machine Learning: where to start from

Luca Cosentino
Dec 5, 2017 · 3 min read

The particular application of Machine Learning to business is becoming more and more popular. I guess what really convinced me to spend time on Machine Learning is exactly this fascinating intersection between technology, algorithms, statistics, and business: very rarely, an innovation has found ground in business as quickly as ML.

This article is meant to be a one stop for beginners in the field: instead of reinventing the wheel, I tried to collect resources I found useful on my path so far.

Some preliminary readings:

How to get started

Top ML Algorithms — must know

Stay informed: website and newsletters

Wanna start something yourself?

In Conclusion…

There is no doubt that ML is the present and the future of many industries. In the next months, I will be analyzing the impact that ML can have on traditional businesses: specifically, I’d like to investigate how traditional companies can compete with more modern entities that are born leveraging ML and data from day 0 (ie, Amazon vs traditional retailers). If you’d be interested in participating/supporting, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

Luca Cosentino

Product & Growth | Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain | Engineer & MBA | ex Googler

Luca Cosentino

Written by

Solving privacy for consumers and enterprises @OasisLabs | Engineer & MBA | ex Googler | @berkeleystep founder

Luca Cosentino

Product & Growth | Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain | Engineer & MBA | ex Googler

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