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Kobe Doin’ Work and The Way of The Samurai

sakura blossoms remind me about the beauty of competition

Kobe Doin’ Work

Kobe Doin’ Work is an instant classic. Still frames with hip jazz backgrounds decorate the entire documentary. Right after Kobe scores 50 points on Spike Lee’s Knicks, he does a voiceover of his game playing the San Antonio Spurs.

Kobe approaches the game as a kid in the candy store. He loves every part of what he is doing, and it shows with his love for competition. He looks forward to facing a large defender who tugs his jersey, while jumping instantly at the chance to dominate a smaller opponent. He ended up sitting out the 4th quarter of the spurs game (no manu), but this gave him a chance to talk about what it means to be a team. His mind set is in the purest form of winning, and he understands that winning is a team effort. Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol were a little overshadowed during the late Kobe era, but they really made that team.

The Way of The Samurai

Japan has had a lot of civil war before it opened its borders. With it’s large focus in culture, small militaries could dominate the central dynasty. A lot of politics is mixed in, when I was looking for more of a day in the life of a samurai. Still this is one of the most popular samurai documentaries I could find.

One thing that is a little off about historical documentaries is who is supposed to be the speaker of people who no longer have a voice? It seems a little weird if a old white guy speaks about daimyo matters, but at the same time what bias is introduced from a Japanese historian? Is there bias? Do you question everything too much? Does the documentary show off samurai culture too much just as false advertising?

One thing I would like to see more of and look for are documentaries that explain the historian process a little more, and maybe explore direct evidence with scope of samurai.

Kobe is a master of passion, focus, and competition. Samurai were masters of honor, strength, and loyalty. One thing has always been true about both these legendary warriors.

“There are only two ways to comeback from the battlefield. With the head of an enemy or your own” ~ Tokugawa Ieyasu

Both leave everything out on the battlefield, give it all they got, and want to leave a legacy.

Kobe changed the game. The samurai would want to win for their army and family.

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