Rockets Had It, Spurs Took it Away

Five Reasons why the Rockets Lost Round Two

ZO2s ~ by LaLucas Moyer
  1. No Pace ~ The Rockets only have one speed, and that’s fire at will. Anything else, they are awkward, incoherent, and not able to catch fire until James Harden makes a play. Mike D’antoni tells his players to shoot the ball if they have space, and near the three line.
  2. No Fight ~ Houston lost way too many loose balls, lose rebounds, and don’t even try to box out. Houston is full of perimeter players that stay on the perimeter and are weak. Capela and Beverley can’t be the only scrappers. Tough loss after Hilario went down, but that needs to light a fire during the playoffs.
  3. Ryan Anderson doesn’t understand how to play as a team ~ How many times is a Spurs guard going to give and pop/go with Lamarcus Aldridge and Ryan Anderson loses his man? He isn’t even getting bumped. Either double Aldridge or guard your man. Ryan Anderson doesn’t get to just roam. In addition, Anderson takes fast break three’s. Sure he will make them, but he needs to take into account team chemistry and the fact that nothing gets your team hyped up like a solid alley-oop off of a defensive turnover (rarely happens with the Rockets). No wonder why Dwight Howard didn’t get along with Ryan Anderson. He doesn’t know how to win as a team.
  4. James Harden is too cool for school. Lebron learned it. Lebron was The King. Once he realized that means that a target is on his back, he laid down the law of the land. Harden is known for being different, for being artistic with the basketball, for not being a raw player. James Harden first needs to lose the the reputation for poor defense and then step up and being a vocal leader. Steph Curry had to lose his cool and went through an awkward stage of having swagger showing no fear on the court. Curry still is awkward. Harden better start soon.
  5. Who actually plays defense on the Rockets? Not looking at Capela and Beverley.

Anyways this has been a memorable season for Harden and D’antoni. This style of offense is more dynamic that anything ever seen in the NBA. Light a spark and see ya next season.