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Jul 9, 2019 · 3 min read

As the impact of climate change rapidly develops as a major trigger of international conflict, the requirement for comprehensive resources promoting climate diplomacy, environmental security and sustainable peace at an international level are becoming increasingly important. Supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, the Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation Platform (ECC) works as a clearinghouse, aiming to promote exchange and foster sustainable peace. It creates networks among stakeholders from the development, economic, environment, foreign and security communities worldwide.

To align with the agenda of the Federal Foreign Office, the ECC focuses on the importance of climate diplomacy and the geopolitics of climate change. With the most recent update of the Platform, the goal was to emphasize both climate diplomacy and the global knowledge platform A New Climate for Peace –developed out of a report commissioned by the G7 countries. These two modules are now presented as the main focus of the Platform, with four additional support modules offering supplementary information and comprehensive tools.

The interactive map entitled Factbook is perhaps the most important component in illustrating the need and effect of climate diplomacy. The map works as a platform-centralizing tool by visualizing conflicts related to climate change and resource depletion.

Via a Drupal content management system, conflicts addressed in the map can be embedded in articles and case studies published throughout the platform. In addition, the backend system is used as a tool to update or modify content found in the frontend modules, maintaining the platform as a current and reliable information source.

The core material for the platform was developed by adelphi with support from various initiative partners. Institutions such as the Wilson Centre and their Environmental Change and Security Program, the European Union Institute for Security and Studies, and many more, aid in continuing the development and maintenance of relevant content for the platform. This content promotes discussion on issues of the environment and natural resources at the global and regional level.

Construction Layers

Taking Action Toward Awareness

As a “living and dynamic platform”, the ECC promotes new ways of thinking by providing the tools required to understand the complexity and reality of environmental and resource conflicts. With optimized search proficiencies, users can easily navigate through the platform to gain direct access to targeted information. From administrations to civilians, the ECC creates awareness and encourages discourse, initiating action and providing solutions for global conflicts.


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Articles and case studies of Lucid.Berlin

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