Trashy Poetry

Trash. My poetry is trash.

Throw it in the bin.

I’ll never make any cash

and I’m never going to win

any prizes for these rhymes

or receive any awards.

Think of all the times

we can’t think of any words

and no matter how much wit

we have we still can’t find a way

to find the heart of it

and the words to say

just what everything means.

If only I could find the answer

maybe somewhere in my dreams,

there I would be a dancer

Or maybe I’d have wings

To fly. I would get so high.

Maybe I would sing.

But my song would be sad too.

Or maybe it is beautiful to you.

My poetry is trash.

Throw it in the bin.

I feel they are trashy rhymes as well which is sort of appropriate. I wanted to write something clever but this was all I got.

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