Another month of investments.

This month I distribute my investments this way:

  • Stocks: reserved more 250€
  • P2P: 100€
  • Crypto: reserved more 250€

Current Portfolio Value

CryptoCurrencies continues to be the big star on my portfolio. The impressive increase month after month represents at the moment about 76%. However I increase my stocks about 61%, which represents now 18% of my overall portfolio.

Portfolio distribution at 2021/04/30
My Portfolio Value Evolution over the last months

Crypto Currencies (76%)

This month, the changes on my crypto portfolio are:

  • I sell all my Ripple (XRP): price at 0,55€ — about 500€ returns
  • Buy ECOMI (OMI): I have 15059 tokens, represents about 60€ at the moment.
  • Increase my Bitcoin portfolio: I bought more 0.0154. Now I have 0.101 Bitcoin.
  • Still have 664€ ready to invest.
My current Crypto Currencies Application at 2021/04/30
My Crypo Currencies Portfolio Values over the last months — 2021/04/30

Stocks (18% of my portfolio)

I bought the follow stocks:

  • More 1 Stock of Apple
  • More 2 Stocks of Axsome Theurapetics
  • More 4 Stocks of Exelexis
  • 1 stock of Salesforce (New)
  • More 2 Stocks of Uber
  • 1 Stock of Walmart (New)
Current Stocks distribution 30/04/2021
My Stocks Portfolio Value over the las months — 2021/04/30

P2P Lending (5% of my portfolio)

I invested more 100€ on p2p:

  • 50€ on Mintos
  • 50€ on Bondora

I’m abandoning ViaInvest, because the platform has been having difficulties in applying the money I put there. It’s not a representative value, but I should move it to the other P2P platforms in the next months.



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