2021 February — Portfolio Update

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash


This month I invested a total of 690€:

  • Stocks: 210€
  • Crypto Currencies: 390€
  • P2P Lending: 90€

Were more 180€ compared to the previous month. With this increase I fill with the goal of investing at least € 600 per month (last month I invested less than usual).

Current Portfolio Value

If I exclude my crypto currencies investments I would say were no major changes in my portfolio, just a slight losses in stocks.
However, even with declines around 25% last week, crypto in general performed very well. It represents now 76% of my entire portfolio (an increase of 6%). I really need to calibrate this. I want to reduce my crypto participation to 50% at least.

My portfolio distribution 28/12/2021
Portfolio distribution at 2021/02/28

Portfolio Value Evolution

My Portfolio Value Evolution over the last two months

Crypto Currencies distribution

It seems that I’m betting a lot on cryptocurrencies, and it’s true! However, I didn’t buy anything last month. I’m just accumulating to find a better opportunity to buy. At the moment I have around of 600€ (9%) ready to buy cryptocurrencies.

My Current Crypto Currencies Application 2021/02/28
My Crypto Currencies Portfolio Value over the last two months — 2021/02/28


I added 2 new companies to my stocks portfolio. This companies are from the healthcare area and they are investing on biotechnologies.

At the moment my global propose is to grow my portfolio value. I also want some good dividend stocks but it’s not my main goal at the moment. Usually, companies that pay dividends are more stable in the market and I’m trying to valuate my portfolio as much as I can. I believe that companies that solve problems, or are on a emerging sector have more possibilites to grow.
I’ll focus on passive income when my portfolio worth more.

I think we will have a correction in the market in the next follow weeks, and for this reason I’m not buying ETF’s.

I also have conscious that my current portfolio had a bad distribution and I wanted to correct that, I want to diversify in other sectors and ETF’s. I also want to increase the percentage of my global portfolio.

Total Value

My Stocks Portfolio Value over the last two months — 2021/02/28

The balance is negative considering that I invested € 210 this month.

P2P Lending

I remain a little skeptical about this type of investment and for that reason I do not intend to increase the amount I invest monthly. However, I want to follow the strategy I defined and see how it goes.

In general the performance is not bad. I invested a total of 385 €. At the moment it has a value of 401.02 €, which gives a profit of 16.02 € in just two months. It is on this type of investment that we will see the power of compound interest.

My P2P Lending Application by Platform — 2021/02/28

For the next month I am looking forward to what may happen in the stocks and crypto market. There is a high probability of correction in both markets, I will be aware of the opportunities that may arise.



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